Ted Cloak's presentation

[From Bill Powers (2008.04.24.1054 MDT)]

I have uploadede a non-password version of Ted's presentation to my Mediamax page and deleted the other one. The file name has a U appended so it won't conflict if you already have a downloaded version (delete the one you have).

Click on


or after April 25,


My OpenOffice does not work with the file, so it will be necessary to download the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. I have just verified that the version without password works with Microsoft 2003 or 2007.


Bill P.

(Gavin Ritz 2008.

That was an excellent presentation, this cleared up a burning issue I had
with PCT. I will watch it again because I missed a few things.

The hierarchy thing makes much more sense and also how an emotional problem
can compound through the shunt and where internal blockages (tensions) can
lie as shown in the CS model.

I'm beginning to see now how this can be applied to business organisations.

This presentation confirms, for me anyway, then that causation is a spiral
(both inward and outwards) with circular being a special case. How a
situation can ratchet up (or down) (or spiral out of control) and become