Test...for instrinsic variables?

[From Chris Cherpas (980801.1145 PT)]

I haven't waded through all of today's posts on the Test,
so I may be saying something that's already been addressed.
I wanted to re-assert the proposal that many of the experiments
conducted under the official banner of The Experimental Analysis
of Behavior, are concerned, indirectly, with functions that
follow from parametrically applying disturbances to instrinsic
variables, involving food deprivation, electric shock, etc.

What is seen in each condition is a reorganization that is
far from converging to instrinsic state. One constructs
functions relating averaged measures, which is all the
resulting unstable mix of controlled perceptions allows.
These studies provide some information about the limits
of reorganization around such disturbances, both at the
extremes and in terms of stabilities and sensitivities
achieved at intermediate values.

Sometimes, perceptual control is (unconsciously) studied
by superimposing contingencies on top of the deprivation or shock
conditions, involving disturbances to control systems
which might be narrowly defined and Tested if conceptualized
as such, and if studied outside of the overwhelming disturbances
to instrinics in these experimental situations.

Some questions:

Is there Testing for intrinsic variables in PCT?

Doesn't the Test require a specification of the organization
(e.g., hierarchical) of control systems involved in keeping
a controlled variable under control?

Gotta go, but, maybe that's enough for now...