Testing, Testing - again, again

??? FROM CHUCK TUCKER 951031.14:30 EST ???

      Rick Marken (951030.0900)

      I think we have discussed this before since my examples were
      in answer to a post of 13 months ago (RM 940928.1600) and now
      are in answer to your suggestion (don't have reference here)
      that to do PCT research just go out and "follow you nose" (or
      some other expression like that). These are just some
      examples of events that were reported to me by me students
      in which they indicated that these events were disruptive.
      Neither they nor I (as you pointed out) have done or even
      designed a study to find out what a person who experiences
      another "spelling word out loud" in a conversation is
      controlling for. You are correct: we have not done the

      But it seems to me that you, in your comments about one
      example, have a good beginning on designing a study to
      locate a "controlled variable." It may be as simple as
      performing such actions with another, noticing that the
      other is "upset" (or in the early phases of "conflict")
      and asking "What is your problem?" (or using questions
      like Bill uses to "go up a level"). Since you have
      questions about "what" is being controlled in this case,
      then perform the TEST (actually interations of THE TEST)
      and tell us what you find out.

      Regards, Chuck