thanks Bruce

You put the idea of nonattachment very vividly Bruce, thanks. I guess
the thing I feel is that there is an underlying, instinctually felt
sense of right and wrong, justice and injustice, security and threat,
which we all share. Yes, I've worked on becoming a reductionist, in
the guise of testing the limits of human consensus on how to redress
violence. But I'm also an empiricist, testing how others react as
they experience life in this or that frame, reflecting on what I feel
as I attend to the one frame or the other. While I am agnostic about
my personal fate, I do by now have ample of a distinction between
right or wrong which I think captures all who give it serious
attention. Whether we agree on our choice of models, I think all of
us who notice which one we are living at various moments notice that
the difference between the two cannot be modeled solely within either.

PCT-ists and I are in the same boat. We all think we have an
all-encompassing construct of what drives us to violence and peace,
into conflict and order. It in no way demeans the value of PCT
though, Brian, for it to do what you say it can while another model
does what you say it cannot. l&p hal