Thanks, I learned something . . .

*********** FROM CHUCK TUCKER 930526 **********
      I appreciate the posts by Rick, Tom, Greg and, most recently,
      Bill on the statements made by L & L on "control theory". I
      don't have any hope that these folks (or any others who hold
      a view similar to them [about 95% of the "social scientist"]
      will alter their view just by reading the comments (although
      it would be interesting to see what they would do with a
      request to modify their next edition given the statements on
      the net) BUT what is important, I think, is that we and those
      we are teaching be aware of such attacks and be prepared to
      answer them. One of the purposes of this list, as I see it,
      is to keep ourselves "informed" of the new ideas we have and
      how we can best deal with the various interpretations of PCT
      that we note in the literature.

      Choirs who do not practice usually give lousy performances.