Thanks re: "choice"

[From Chris Cherpas (980804.2255 PT)]

Rick Marken (980804.2150)

... on the one hand it's nice to see people saying,
better than I could, exactly what I wanted to say; on the other,
however, it means that I don't really have to post;...

I believe one issues what is called a "me too" post.
To the following, I would also say, "me too:"

Peter Burke (8/4/98 4:35PM PDT) --

I don't see where "choice" exists at all. Our perceptions are
manifold and constantly in flux,...

Bill Powers (980804.2141 MDT)--

Thank you very much. Obviously I agree with you that choices and
decisions are dubious phenomena. The normal state of the
system is a continuous flow of one equilibrium state into the next,
with actions and perceptions varying simultaneously in specific
relationships to each other...

And, since there's nothing substantial for me to say, I close
with a late-night commercial message:

PCT doesn't artificially discret-ize and sequential-ize behavior,
like those older brands of psychology you've seen on your
parents' TV. Nor does it leave you with that annoying feeling of
Brownian motion in your head, like the expensive "dynamic" brands
(or floaty field theories) that aren't even looking for control.
It's just honest perceptual control, and you don't have to look
further than the e. coli in your own home...