Thanks to all

[From Brian D'Agostino (951010.1013 EDT)

In the month since my first posting on CSGnet--"Research on Psychology of
Militarism" (950908)--I have sent reprints of my article to about a dozen CSG
members, received voluminous responses, and engaged in a sometimes heated but
usually stimulating dialogue on CSGnet. This has given me a lot to think
about, and I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read the
article and participate in this. I cannot exaggerate how valuable this
process has been at a time when I am thinking about how to proceed in my
interview project. If anyone else would like a reprint, please give me your
_postal_ address.

Of course, the sheer volume of the responses and complexity of the issues
raised have required me to be selective in my responses. One omission
warrants some specific comment. I have not responded to Bill Leach's posts,
except for an E-mail correspondence about why he insisted on participating in
the discussion without reading the article. I trust that anyone who _has_
read the article can see where his comments went astray. Much of what he had
to say that was pertinent was of a political or technical nature. I have
tons that I would like to say in response to his political comments, but the
CSGnet is not a political discussion group and in any case I cannot afford
the time for such discussion at present. I will need to think further about
his technical comments, especially those in response to Kent McClelland. I
look forward to reading responses to those comments by Bill Powers and Kent,
and it would help me if you could preface your responses with a less
technical summary of what you think Bill Leach was saying.

Having said most of what I have to say regarding my research and related
subjects, I expect to be listening rather than saying much more on the CSGnet
in the coming months. I'll undoubtedly have questions about _B: CP_ and Ed
Ford's _Discipline for Home and School_ after I have read them (it could take
another month just to obtain the books).

Best regards,