The B of O, pp 5-6

[From Chris Cherpas (951108.1808 PT)]
[re > Bruce Abbott (951106.0840 EST)]

In my recent reading I came across a passage that had a familiar ring to it,
given our recent discussion on the use of metaphorical terms in psychology:

   . . . The science appeared in the form of a remodeled psychology with
   ill-concealed evidences of its earlier frame. It accepted an organization
   of data based upon ancient concepts which were not an essential part of
   its own structure. It inherited a language so infused with metaphor and
   implication that it was frequently impossible merely to talk about behavior
   without raising the ghosts of dead systems.

A few such terms leap to mind, terms like "stimulus," or "response." Out
with them all! But who is this wise mystery author?

In case anyone's interested, this quote is from pages 5-6 of "The Behavior
of Organisms."