The Crank takes his turn

[From Bill Powers (2004.01.17.1707 EST)]

[From Hilton Head)

Bill Williams 17 January 2004 12:10 AM CST--

> There is really only one suitable word, and the word is "crank."

I'm sorry, I don't understand. For what is "crank" the only suitable word?

For Bill Powers.

I'n not sure how this is meant. Do you doubt that Keynes said what I said
he said? Or it is just that my bringing this subject up makes me a crank?

And it would be helpful to know what a crank is. J.D. Salinger wrote a
short story called "A perfect day for bananafish," if I remember correctly.
The high point came when a little Jewish boy came home from school in
misery. His mother finally got it out of him that the other kids had called
him names. "They called me a kite, " he said, that is, kite with a t. Goes
to show how the intent of name-calling can be understood as hostile even if
the recipient doesn't quite know what the name means.


Bill P.