The Externalization of RCT

[Dan Miller (930419.1300)]
(Bill Powers 930419)

<I think the weakest part of RCT is its externalization. The
<assumption is that people will do what is rationally required,
<with the strong implication that what is rationally required is
<the same for everyone.

This gets at the exact problem that I have with Rational Choice
Theory (RCT). That externalization cleverly disguises a conservative
political and economic agenda. That is, what is rational is what
we social, political, and economic conservatives say is rational. If
you disagree with us, then you are acting irrationally. Furthermore,
you are a threat to the social, political, and/or economic system.
In this way, James Coleman, in his presidential address to the
American Sociological Association, can discuss the value of children
(educated correctly) to the state. Needless to say, many of his
fellow sociologists were disturbed by his "good news."

Dan Miller