The Game of Reality

Hello Jixuan Hu

who wrote:

> There is a society of observers and there is the "vast class of alternate
> universes". Now the question is:
> Which relations one may postulate to determine the reinforcement among
> universes for each loop observer-observed reality (ie, each observer's
> perceived reality and the set of actions he/she has available to change
> it)?
> Paulo Garrido

Not sure if I understand your question correctly (not sure if my
re-construction of your thoughts is fairly close to your original
construction), but if you meant "what kinds of things or conditions offer
us (various observers) the opportunity to be able to agree with each
other," then we are in the same boat to explore the frontier area of
second order cybernetics. One of the explanations is the similarity in the
structure of our cognition system - our nervous systems, our communication
networks, our only earth, etc. But there are many other elements playing
in the game which may diversify the results of cognition tremendously.

Jixuan Hu

I think one may ask two questions:
- how does it come (to the observer) the reality that each observer
perceives? (eg, what I think and feel I'm doing in writing this post; this
was the meaning I had in mind for my question)

- how does it come (to the observers) the shared (inter-subjective, social)
perceived reality? (eg, the fact that after all we are able to exchange
messages in the net (I don't want to compromise in stating
communication..;);I think this was your understanding)

But I would agree that these two questions are not separable...

One could think of The Game of Reality as a megastore of computer games, each
one being accessible by the selection of a menu item. Your observation of the
"realness" of "reality" as the stability of the observer-environment loop
and that of Louis Kauffman I quoted, actually suggest that the accessibility
question being much more subtle is yet amenable to (even partial) analysis.

Paulo Garrido


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