The light in the end of a dark cylinder

[From Bjorn Simonsen(2004.03.30,23:20 EuST)]

This is a no CSG
. Therefore I will not start a thread. If anybody has something to tell
me, I appreciate a personal mail to

I am going to a meeting where some people are going to
tell about ”almost dead experiences”. I am unsure how to behave so I will most
probable listen. It would be nice
to have some “references”, but I have non.

They are going to tell about perceptions. I don’t know
what they will call it.

Is there any reason why people who think they are
dying should perceive “a light in a cylinder?

Is it reasonable that people who think they are dying
perceive very little but they can control earlier experiences (remembering)?

Does anybody know something I can bring with me?

A am sure PCT/HPCT can’t explain such perceptions, but