The Literary Machine - A Windows Freeware

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The Literary Machine Windows Software can be implemented as the author's

outliner and word processing tool, as a
dictionary or thesaurus, as a help file system, as a document file
system, etc. etc.

The Literary Machine establishes for you a desktop resource for
internet communication and
word processing work.



The Literary Machine hypertext system is structured as follows:

* A dictionary contains words.

* A concept is built by one word or several words in combination.
Dropping a word on the desk results in a
�deck of cards� of several concepts containing the word.

* The hypertext element is called an item. The item contains references
to one or several concepts.
Dropping a concept on the desk produces a stack of items.

Items are also connected to projects/URL:s.The project is a more loose
concept allowing texts to be
sorted in an alternative, more traditional way. The URL:s also represent

the direct connection with the
outer, non-database environment, since the connections point directly to

Internet URL:s or conventional
word processor texts.

Projects and the dictionary are presented in table-like windows,
normally forming a backbone for the
work on the desk.

Have a look at

The text at is a background.

I am a developer of innovative PC Windows freeware.
'Individual Working hours'(1996) and 'The Literary Machine'(1997) are
available at

Gunnar Sommestad