The madness of control -Reply

[Hans Blom, 960214h]

(Rick Marken (960213.2100))

I'll try to answer this with another question; can you imagine an
organism getting mad at all if it were not a controller?

Particles in a chemical gradient don't get mad when then don't move
up the gradient at a particular pace, pendula don't get mad when the
bob is pushed arbitrarily from one point to another; marbles don't
get mad when they are moved arbitrarily up and down the side of a

And thermostats don't get mad when the outside temperature becomes so
low that they cannot control anymore.

Cause-effect systems don't get made becuase they don't care about
the effects (results) that they are caused to produce. Only control
systems get mad and they get mad when the results they produce are
not the ones they _intend_ to produce.

Ever seen a mad thermostat? A mad rose? A mad lizard?

The fact that people get mad is a good indication that they are
control systems.

Not a logical conclusion.