The Reinforcement of Saluting Behavior

[From Fred Nickols (971007.1925 ET)]

Bruce Gregory (971006.0945 EDT)

Fred Nickols:
I am NOT saluting because my saluting behavior has been

developed and

maintained via operant conditioning (although it

is very tempting to

argue that achieving congruence between a reference signal and
a controlled perception is very reinforcing).

Bruce Gregory:
Am I to assume then that you continue to salute as a result of
this reinforcement :wink:

Well, I don't know that positive reinforcement has much to do with it,
although positive reinforcement is what I had in mind when I mentioned
congruence between a reference signal and a controlled perception. The
other form of reinforcement, negative reinforcement, has to do with the
removal or avoidance of an aversive stimulus. I suspect that saluting
behavior is more negatively reinforced than positively reinforced, if
it may be said to be reinforced at all.



Fred Nickols
Senior Consultant
The Distance Consulting Company