The Sounds of Silence

[From Bruce Abbott (950118.1955 EST)]

[Avery Andrews 940118]

I suddenly hear (or don't hear) a csgnet silence, so I'm partly checking
if it didn't just stop arriving again.

Yeah, me too. Haven't received a thing since Avery's and Bill Leach'es
posts. Some theories:

a. There is a PCT convention going on and we weren't invited.

b. Everyone's too busy doing PCT research to write.

c. Bill P.'s grandkids got the best of him and he's still recovering.
    (This last doesn't explain where everyone else went, but it might
    account for Bill.)

d. Bill, Tom, and Rick are busy trying to make sense of the results of
    that multiple regression in my next-to-last post before this one.

e. Aliens have abducted the PCT leadership in order to prevent the humans
    from learning the secret of their own behavior.

f. The infallible IPFW internet connection is down again.

Meanwhile, I've invited my colleagues to try THREECV1, and several have
already accepted. They are, of course, a little puzzled by this odd
request, but they are willing to humor me for the moment, until the guys in
the white coats arrive. Meanwhile, I've been stacking the sandbags across
my office floor, just in case. Let's see, M-16, spare clips, gernades,
anti-tank rocket, bullet-proof vest...yep, think I'm about ready....

Cheerfully yours,


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In article <CSG-L%95011818572627@VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU> Bruce Abbott
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[From Bruce Abbott (950118.1955 EST)]

Yeah, me too. Haven't received a thing since Avery's and Bill Leach'es
posts. Some theories:

The net is screwed up -- though selectively. I've posted three times
since 1/16 and nothing has turned up. I have seen posts on UseNet but
they only go up to Bill Leach's sign off.

So I'm testing to see if I can post to the net via UseNet; if so, I'll
post a couple replies that I wrote to Bruce.

All in all, this does not bode well for a world of communication
alongh the info highway. Matbe we should just go back to books and
articles; it's slower but much more reliable (and not nearly as




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