The Test During Reorganization?

[Hans Blom, 951108]

(Martin Taylor 951107 16:40) vs (Bill Powers 951107.1330 MST)

It should always be possible to discover what the cat is actually
controlling by applying disturbances and seeing if they are
resisted, and of course then going on to complete the Test.

During rapid reorganization?

This bears emphasizing. The Test is formulated such that it only
works under steady state conditions. Unless we can postulate "steady
state conditions" (invariants) that must occur during reorganization/
learning, we (i.e. PCT researchers) won't be able to have some Test
to check what goes on -- and all that remains is idle speculation.

This, I think, is PCT's Achilles heel: in organisms as complex as
humans, learning goes on all the time -- in parallel with control. To
consider everything to be _only_ control neglects a necessary
element, even though the learning may ultimately be in the service of



[Martin Taylor 951108 11:00]

Hans Blom, 951108

(Martin Taylor 951107 16:40) vs (Bill Powers 951107.1330 MST)

I'm sorry, Hans, but I really DON'T like that "vs" designation. I'm trying
to harvest the fields of Bill's thought, not to challenge him. The only "vs"
that I can see in the referenced discussion is that Bill's assumptions about
the issues I'm trying to address don't seem to fit what I am troubled about.
And that's not surprising, considering that my own thinking on the issue
has drifted and become more precise over the course of the interchange.

I haven't, so far as I remember, disagreed with Bill on what he has said;
I have said I thought much of it irrelevant to the issue that is looming
murkily out of the fog. When it becomes clearer, I think it will have
much to say in illustration of the "scientific method" debate. "How
would the cat-scientist find out about the stick-linkage?", as opposed
to Bill's answering the question "How would the God-experimenter know
that the cat-scientist has found out about the stick linkage?".


PS. I have a message from our administrator that our mail server is down
until further notice, so I have no idea when this will emerge.