Thigh Cream: Get the S.O.B.

[From Bill Powers (940524.1030 MDT)]

Bill Cunningham (940524.1115)

I kinda like Bill Powers' approach because it induces the
guilty bastard to choose to modify his behavior, rather than we
modifying ours. The problem is that generating the required
volume clogs the system worse than does the perpetrator.

Not really. Think of what happens when you send a longish post to
CSG-L: it gets send out 125 times or so, to different destinations.
Sending many long posts to an offender will clog that offender's
mailbox, or the host, which in either case will draw attention to
the problem where the problem originates.

Incidentally, is "SHADOW.NET" a real host, or one of those tricky
phantom hosts that hackers figure out how to create? I really think
we should respond massively to such garbage posts, because once
people get the idea that they can make money this way we will be

I replied to about the Thigh Cream post
with the following paragraph, duplicated to create a file about 250K
long (if more of us did that we could use shorter files):

   Do not broadcast commercial messages to the internet. If you
   continue, thousands of people who are more intelligent than you,
   out of millions who could easily qualify in that regard, will do
   everything they can to frustrate your offensive attempts to
   destroy a vital medium of communication.


Gary Cziko (940524.1330 GMT) --

I could set things up so that only subscribers could post via
LISTSERV. But I believe that the only way to control access on
Usenet is to set up a moderator to screen posts, which I am
really not interested in doing (maybe somebody else is?).

Since essentially all posts are from subscribers, perhaps that would
work. But I want to keep our list OPEN, don't you? I think the
answer is to take aggressive action against transgressors. Is there
some way to find the system administrator through which Keough et.
al. send a message, and request that that person be denied access?
As Grand Panjandrus of CSG-L, perhaps you have a way of
communicating with other Grand Panjadri.

I suggest also that we write to Postmaster, Miami, Florida 33015,
and complain about the Thigh Cream scam. I will send a letter today.
The address given in the post was

U.S. Health Inc.
18524 NW 67th Ave. #311
Miami, Florida 33015
Best to all,

Bill P.