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Apply PCT to "I already think too highly of myself." If this is not...

Why does such a statement have to imply control conflict? When used as
satirical humor might there not be any conflict?

As I am viewing it "must have a 'nice marriage'" is indeed a
perception and not just A perception but several groups of

"Must" anything is a reference level, not a perception. The

Ah, but what I am saying is that while a subject is taking and thinking
about such matters, the ideas themselves ARE perceptions and actually

Isn't this more or less "proven" by the fact that people can and do
genuinely and sincerely express a "desire" but act consistantly against
it? They may perceive that the truly desire something when in fact the
perception does not represent an existing want.


No problem. About the only kind of maximum that I can think of that is
desirable is "to live life to the maximum" but that idea already has
built-in balance (in most people's thoughts anyway).

When the subject thinks about or talks about wants he isn't
really talking about wants but rather his current perceptions
concerning his wants.

That's what the imagination mode is for: the higher system sees the
reference signal it is sending to the lower as if it had been
achieved in perception.

This is yet another area in which I have a way to go before I will feel
comfortable with it. Intellectually I don't have any problem with the
idea of "going up a level" to consciously solve a control problem. This
is essentially what is actually done with mechanical control systems to
begin determining to cause of failure.

I know I personally review prioritized goals, establish action plans and
check for results. When something is not "going right" or even if I seem
to "feel bad" I usually, review my plans and status, then my goals and
then my wants (I consider my goals specific, defined wants whereas I
consider "wants" as more abstract).

Again, speaking of myself but trying to do so from a PCT perspective, the
Top level wants whould be things like:
    Want to be happy (I believe - intrinsic)
      Want to be appreciated
      Want to learn (I think this may be intrinsic too)
      Want to have "warm" interpersonal relationships
      Want a high view of self-worth

Next might be:
    Want to be healthy
    Want to be reasonably comfortable
    Want to be honest

Next maybe:
    Want to loose weight
    Want to earn sufficient money

Top Goals:
    Get weight to 170# by Jun 1
    Complete scheduled contract work


When a goal is not being met (or progress toward the goal is not
satisfactory) then it would seem that:
One would first check to see if what you are and have been trying to do
is consistant with achieving the goal. If not, then change the plans.

If this change does not work then the goal itself should be compared to
"higher priority" goals. If not consistant, stick you head in the oven
and turn on the gas... no no, review your wants and goals with respect to
each other looking esp. for mutually exclusive conditions, etc.

Somehow, this all this does not "feel" like what you (and Rick) have been
talking about when you say "go up a level".

Ah, yes... Will-power

I can see this as a badly maligned term. I do believe that so called
"will-power" can be employed quite effectively to aid in achieving ones
wants but only if it is employed intellegently and "open mindedly". That
is, one can by "force of will" suppress one desire in favor of another
successfully but NOT by trying to deny the suppressed desire.

Recognizing the suppressed desire and consciously deferring it when you
recognize that the suppressed desire is in conflict with other higher
priority desires allows one to continue to function effectively.

I say that one can not deny the desire though because if that is done
then the desire, if real, will continue to produce ever increasing levels
of error signal. The person then "feeling" uncomfortable but denying the
source will make changes that are even worse than what re-organization
will do (even if random, re-organization would have a chance since it is
"unbiased). Of course, if the desire is explicitly denied, even
re-organization may be thwarted by conscious decision everytime it comes



I rather vividly remember the effects of a rather stunning
re-organization that took place some 20+ years ago. I had been "feeling
quite depressed" and was "convinced" that I was "trapped" by
circumstances when suddenly I "internalized" the idea that I had read
several times in various "self-help" books concerning freedom of choice.

I think that I remember this so strongly because essentially I did not
change any of my decisions to act but just be accepting the idea that I
could choose otherwise completely changed my life.


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