Thoughts whilst seeking to control

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Since Rick has asked, I'll fess up on thoughts when writing earlier post.

1. Very conscious of major disturbance that I wished to control. Very
clear on desire to eliminate disturbance, with extreme prejudice. Very
conscious this was control issue.

2. Recognized immediately that I could eliminate disturbance by choosing
to stop mail, and that penalized me. At that point, sought other solution.
Forwarded the offending message so son, something of an internet guru who
has mentioned disciplining other horse's asses on previous occasion.
Expect answer in a few days, given his schedule.

3. Gary's post arrived. Now very clear that problem is to get another
independent control system to eliminate disturbance. Genuine frustration
understanding need for somebody else to control origination of junk mail.
Initial focus on getting GB (aka Guilty Bastard) tocontrol for junk mail.
Also conscious of wanting that message unmistakable. Whether or not that
constitutes desire for revenge, I can't say. I do recall thinking that
an ideal step response was a lot more desireable than an overdamped or
underdamped response.That's what motivated thoughts of illegal, but
effective, disturbances to the GB control system.

4. Since legality is another reference of some importance, I thought
about how else to interdict the offending traffic. That raised the
idea of using another independent control system, namely the GB's
system administrator. Here was a case where collaboration with
another independent control system seemed likely, especially if
it avoided disturbances for the GB's administrator.

Bottom line: very conscious of desire to control, but immediate
recognition that direct control by me (stop mail) was not good option.

From there, a search on how to get some other control system to stop

the disturbance. Running through the background was thought of
"So we nail this GB. What is systematic approach that is effective,
easy to do, and scalable to mass application?"

Now I'm controlling for going home.

Bill C.

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