Three Worlds and Sequel

[from Gary Cziko 921027.0140 GMT]

Tom Bourbon [921026 15:40 CST]:

Thanks for your follow-up on the deafferentation question. The James
reference is particularly interesting.

Since 1988, the sequel to "Worlds" has been waiting in the wings,
but we can't get the first paper published. In the sequel, the PCT
model duplicates almost exactly the successes and failures of the
other two models in "Worlds" -- all we do is change the reference
signals in the model so that in one case it has a reference to sense
its actions matching the sensed movements of the target in a tracking
task, in the other it has a reference to perceive its actions matching
a "memory" of what they were during an earlier run.

So why don't you guys combine the two papers into one? Wouldn't it be
harder to use the "obvious" argument to reject it then?

In any case, I'd like to see a copy of the sequel if you are making it


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