Time and the velocity of light

[From Bjorn Simonsen (2005.03.14,15:10 EST)]

Today it is 100 years since a nice looking man presented 4 epoch-making
articles for publication. Albert Einstein. Those articles changed the world.
Or did they change our perception of the world?
Maybe it changed our experiences about the world.

His special theory of relativity is interesting. As you will read, I know
very little about the theory of relativity. But let us remember Einstein and
talk about time and the velocity of light.

A person in a car driving with a velocity of 100 km/h sends a projectile
with velocity 100 km/h in the same direction that the car is moving.
A person looking at this from the roadside sees the projectile moving with
the velocity of 200 km/h.

A person sends a light forward from a rocket moving with the velocity of 90%
of the velocity of light, he sees the light leaving him with the lights
velocity (constant - a billion km/h).
An other person looking at the scenery from "the roadside" sees the light
leaving the rocket with the velocity of the light.
We can explain this experiment saying that the time goes slower for the
person in the rocket than what it does for the person at "the roadside".

In PCT we assert that we experience time when we control change. Some times
we experience that time passes quickly, some times we experience that times
passes slowly. We experience time as we experience emotions. They both are a
by-product when we control something else.

Can we say that the person in the rocket doesn't become older more slow than
the person on "the roadside". We can not control the perception of being
older. It is just a mathematical way to explain that the velocity of light
is constant, where you ever are.

Let me add.
I think somebody on the list have said that perceptions are not reality, but
what we think about our perceptions, our experiences, are reality. And our
thinking, our experiences, find place in our brain. Not in the world around
the rocket.

As you see. I don't know enough about the theory of relativity. And I don't
know enough about how living organisms experience time.