Time Functions

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Before you go, it was nice to see you materialize for a brief moment (I
hope that word is not offensive to you) in our ignorant little corner
(another offensive word?) of Babylonian and Egyptian time-space, especially
nice given the fact that our intellects are so much less expansive than your

Good journey, as you leave our irrelevant orbit and drift off to -- who knows


From Jim Dundon 541216.03105


  Behavior; the control of perception


  controlled behavior; the control of perception


  What we mean by behavior is ambiguous


  ambiguous control of behavior; ambiguous control of perception


  an ambigous science!

  How's my tracking?

  In addition to praying for daily bread I now pray for
  my daily dictionary.


There are two major difficulties for me in PCT. I will
elaborate, but as succinctly as possible.

All of your tests utilize ultra short range goals.
They utilize what are to me a reduction or scaling
down of the Babylonian and Egyptian time-space concepts.
In my mind, any extensions made from that base will
carry that structure with it. That is to limiting for me.

When I raised the question of "rest" it was an attempt to
coax you beyond the limitations of your ultra short range
methods. It didn't work. I'll be more direct.

Control means more to me than moving a joy stick or tracking
a cursor or driving in the wind. I do not see the babylonian
method of time-space orientation as sufficient. It has its
place. Without it we would not have sine-waves and root-mean
squares. We would not have the language of radio\electronics
computer technology, the metric system etc. but it is not

Mary said in her post to me that the long discussion on
IT/PCT wearied her. I think it wearied everyone. I compounded
the problem for myself by crediting everyone on this net
with more intelligence than I possess, labelled the ongoing
scenario as representing the best product of the best minds,
and incorporated the scene in an attempt to fit in. My mistake.

I have long been a student, as an avocation, of the function
of calendars (time-space structures) on the particular culture
using that calendar. For purposes of brevity I am going
to focus on the one which has generated the most interest for
me and the one which caused me to raise the question of

I should have said cessation from servile work.

Since I am not a typist I will try to be concise but

I see calendars as providing a measure of control.
As you also do.
Not only in predicting natural phenomena but for purposes
of social arrangements. You for instance request that we
post using the Gregorian calendar.

I prefer using a calendar more realistic with respect
to astrological phenomena.

The Hebrew calendar is a solar-lunar calendar.

It starts the year with the first new moon following the
Spring Equinox

It has twelve twelve month years and seven thirteen
month years, totaling 19 years.

The day begins and ends at sunset.

The day and night hours vary in length throughout the year
providing a lot more euphony, a lot more at-oneness with
the universe.

Day and night hours total 24

The hour has 1080 parts

1080 x 24 = 25920

That is as close an approximation of the precession as any
astronomer might give today.

There is one more part called the Regaim (second)

There were 1477440 seconds per day

That is too small a number to be of any significance
unless it was part of a much larger scale, the precession.

Point! The Egyptians and Moses had calculated the precession
and scaled it down to a day.

The wave in the wobble of the precession has a nineteen
year cycle caused by the combined gravitational forces of
the earth, sun and moon.

This corresponds to the 19 year cycle of Moses' calendar.

The combined gravitational forces of the S<M<E
effect jet streams.

Jet streams effect weather.

Moses promised rain in due season etc.

It didn't always work.

He was close.

We do better now with respect to rain.

The year, the month, the 19 year cycle, the day, the twelve
hour day (a scaling down of twelve constellations and twelve
lunations on a year for a day principal) are all externally
represented phenomena.

The week is not externally represented.

IT studies indicate that the human brain can effeciently
deal with up to 7 variables. An old Scientific American
article has it as 6. But somewhere in about 6-7 the
effeciency (the control) curve does drop almost straight

In april 1795 Revolutionary France adopted the Egyptian
calendar using French names. It lasted twelve years.
Reason, it had abolished the seven day week. THere was
a lose of control.

A cursory glance at various cultures will indicate that the
time-space orientation of its members and the measure of
control by those members are "functions of each other."
(Thank you Rick)

When Moses led Israel out of Egypt and slavery he not
only entered a
new land. He went out from one time-
space system and into another. That was an integral part
of leaving slavery. The Egyptian, Babylonian time-space
systems cultvate disparate distribution of wealth.
Witness Russia, the U.S. Mexico.
The hebrew system (with one exception; private property in
land) cultivates a more equateable distribution. By calling
for the cessation of labor on the seventh day and a
gathering together of the laborers, control by each organism
is improved.

Priests were considered the possession of the community.

The promises included Possession of the land if the calendar
was adhered to. Possession of the land meant control of
I trust I have not offended anyone with references to things
some would call religious. If I have I ask your forgiveness.
The only way I could hope to make clear the
relevance that
these things have to my participation in PCT discussions
is to show why I object so strongly to the Proofs of PCT
being limited to sine waves ,joy sticks, and ultra short
range goals. To me they represent slavery.

With your permission I will post using my prefered time-space


Jim D.

<Martin Taylor 940228 18:40>

Jim Dundon 541216.03105

>With your permission I will post using my prefered time-space

You required nobody's permission to be a cultural isolate. Your time-space
system serves to identify each of your individual mailings, but a second
purpose for the header is to let people reading the posting at a later date
know when you wrote it. If you use your personal preferred notation, that
function of the header is lost. Your choice: do you want people to read

Behavior; the control of perception


controlled behavior; the control of perception


What we mean by behavior is ambiguous


ambiguous control of behavior; ambiguous control of perception


an ambigous science!

How's my tracking?

Pretty poor. At least if you claim to be talking about something related
to PCT. "Controlled behaviour" is an idea that contradicts PCT directly.
There's no "became" there. "What we mean by behaviour is ambiguous" may
be true of classical psychology, but in PCT it has one meaning: those actions
that affect perceptions that are being controlled. Behaviour IS the control
of perception. Actions are those things we do that affect the world outside
our skins. They are nondescript, whereas behaviour is purposeful, and that
purpose is a many-levelled thing.

Which leads to your next tracking failure, the idea that PCT is:

limited to sine waves ,joy sticks, and ultra short
range goals. To me they represent slavery.

The purposes of behaviour include the attainment of the perception of political
Utopia, if that happens to be someone's reference, just as much as the
attainment and maintenance of the perception of a certain muscle tension.
To perceive the joy in a certain person's face is a perception that might
correspond to a reference in some control system, and the actions that
achieve and maintain that perception are complexes that are called behaviour.

The maintenance of perceptions may involve actions over a time span of
years, and the correction of errors in those perceptions even longer.
Some people behave over much of their lives to correct perceptual errors,
such as that poverty should not exist in a civilized country. Is this
an ultr-short range goal? I suppose that in a calendar that takes account
of the 26,000 year precessional cycle, it might be. But then, as you note,
PCT people are simple-minded, and care about what happens in the lifetime
of an individual.

You are controlling for perceptions of things that you can change only
VERY slowly, in human terms. So be it. It still comes within the purview
of PCT, if you are interested in science rather than the Kabbala.