Time Scales

[From Rick Marken (960623.1320)]

James R. Nord (960622?) --

       2. What work is being (has been) done involving the
"time-scales" issue? I have not seen any mention of different time scales
at different levels of the control hierarchy in any of the discussions, but
I may have just missed it in my brief review of the archives.

If you have access to the Web, go to the Control System Group home
page "References" section. I [R. Marken] have a paper there called "The
hierarchical behavior of perception". It's about "time scales" for
perceiving different types of percetual variable -- based on some of my
own research as well as research in the "conventional" literature. Like
most of my papers, it's an excellent cure for insomnia. But it has some
worthwhile references;-).

It was my first (and last) attempt to write a nice, friendly, non-contentious
paper about PCT for conventional psychologists. It was rejected by every
journal to which is was submitted -- from _Psychological Review_ on down.
But I think it's a pretty good paper, not only because it was rejected by
all the journals but also because Bill Powers liked it and Martin Taylor
panned it;-)