to Mary

From Mr. Remi Cote (961011.0835 EST)

To Mary (961011)

(I seem to be going backwards in time with all these posts)

But it is very kind of you to take time to answer my rather
fuzzy ambiguous post.

At higher levels we choose all the time. We plan, and discard
alternatives. We rank our principles as more or less important,
and at another time rank them somewhat differently and act
accordingly. We do it, by means of an organization that has
various components that we happen to have labelled reference
signal, error, etc., etc. That doesn't put them in charge of us.

Now I think you are right. I recently burried the program: "When
somebody ask you something, never say no. Because I said yes to
a work assigment, and I have to dismissed an Hour later, when I
fully realised that I couldn't do it... Let me tell you I scrap
this program for good...The principle too in this case is
reorganised. Now I give full priority to the redaction of my
thesis (due in december!)

Lately, I gave Myself reflexion time to reorganise all my principle
about HPCT theory. My control of these notion is getting better.
The post about emotion clear some notion. How conflict between
principle can produce emotion, because they perpetuate error.
How goal of therapist is to help client manage between conflicting
principle. Also, important for me are the hint Bill gave me
when you study work behavior look at the variable controlled.
I even order Rick M. book at new view...

The share the roots analogy with csgnet because for me it
was a good illustration of control. I gave a small speech
to a group of stutterer last week and I use this analogy.

I didn't mention to many time the word control, because of his
connotation. And talking about roots is nicer than talking
about bacteria. And since there is also chemotaxis with roots
there is no problem. The day I have to give a speech to botanist
it will be a blast. A psychologist giving lesson to botanist...

So I thank you, because I think you are aware I am reorganising a
lot and your attitude (kindness to answer to me)is a proof of your
true engagement toward PCT.

Also lately I introduced the HPCT theory to my director (Mr. STROBEL),
since I want to use it in my thesis. Guess what. He want to make
a presentation to the whole departement in a month. He was a student
with Forrester team in the 70'. For him it is a revival of
dynamic concept...

I thought about turbulance as a french synonym for "disturbance".
maybe "derangement" too.

Thank you,


                                  ( . . )