To model "choice"

Tom Bourbon [941026.1147]

On the subject of modeling "choice behavior" (matching, VI-VI, etc), I just
received the latest issue of _Psychological Review_, vol. 101, no. 4,
October, 1994. In the "Technical Notes" are:

1) a comment by Ben A Williams, "The role of probability of reinforcement
   in models of choice," pp. 704-707

2) a reply to Williams by JER Staddon, DGS Davis, A Machado, and RG Palmer,
   "Cumulative effects model: A response to Williams (1994)," pp. 708-710.

Williams had written to comment on the following article:

DGS Davis, JER Staddon, A Machado, and RG Palmer (1993). "The process of
recurrent choice," _Psychological Review_, vol. 100, 320-341.