To Tom & Isaac

From Greg Williams (930123 - 2)

Tom, I've gotten Bill's final corrections on the CL paper; do you
want me to change anything else. Please let me know no later than
Monday, so I can mail the camera-ready to Ed Ford on Tuesday.



i.n.kurtzer [930123]

what is this about my margins?

The text of your Friday post wrapped around on my 80-line screen; I
can only imagine the ugliness on Gary's Mac. (Last week, Gary asked
me in a private post to use about 70-character line lengths.) Isaac,
your line length looks like 81 sometimes.

At any rate, you said on Friday (sorry about the wraps, Gary!):

  to bourbon: that's great that your going for the journal of the experimental
    analysis of behavior. please incude my name; however, i'll admit that my par
t was minimal and my grasp shaky (i thought differently then). in fact, i
    used the ideas for my Sparta term paper; i'll send you a copy.

I would greatly appreciate receiving a copy of your term paper, for
the CSG archive. I'd be happy to reimburse you for expenses. Thanks.

As ever,

Greg Williams
460 Black Lick Rd.
Gravel Switch (In the Heart of It All), KY 40328