Tom B's book.

This is from Phil Runkel on 8 August 95,
        responding to a private communication from Tom Bourbon to me. I
am putting it on the CSGnet for the benefit of those who did not attend
the 1995 conference and would like to know about the availability of
writings by Tom Bourbon. I am always eager to read anything Tom writes.
So to Tom: Thanks for sending me a good many good sentences about your
studies of various features of interaction between persons: helping,
cooperation, conflict, etc. I am delighted to hear that Fred Good has
asked you to put your papers into a book, and I am delighted to know that
you have agreed to do so. I'll write to Good and ask him to be good
enough to put me on the list of people to be notified when the book is
ready for purchase. Thanks.
        Why do you say that the studies would not be called social
psychology? Who are you to say? Double thanks.