Topics Discussed Progress Noted Form

[David Goldstein (2009.07.12.06:27 EDT)]


In view of the discussion we have had (Thanks Bill), and my experience with
the form, I have revised and renamed the form I created. For those
interested, I have attached it. Feel free to use it. It helps me to maintain
my focus during the session. It allows me to recall the topics discussed and
the order in which they were discussed. As those of us who use MOL know,
this information is often forgotten by the therapist and the patient. I am
thinking that it will prove useful in my future research with MOL

I use one form per session. At the end of the session I ask the person to
identify the topic(s) that were the major ones for them and checkmark the
topics. At the start of the next session, I inquire about the status of the
major topics.

Any suggestions or revisions in the form from listmates who try it would be
welcome and appreciated.


Topics Discussed Progress Noted Form.pdf (172 KB)