Towards a Sociological PCT - Draft 2

[Paul Stokes (2000.02.27.1438 GMT)]

I have made some amendments to my original document in consideration of
Bill's response, which I now attach for your reading pleasure.

The changes may not go as far as you might like. They are as far as I want
to go without undermining my own position, which I see no reason to do. I
have explained my position in some detail now both in the current document
and in the previous reply that I sent to Bill earlier today. The two
documents should be taken together. The current document contains an
important section on the role of emotions in social control - a complex
topic for sure and this brief treatment cannot possibly do it justice. I
include it to give a flavour of the kinds of phenomena I am writing about -
to make the abstract concrete. Suffice to say I am writing a longer account
of the emotions as control systems (taking forever!) which I will also be
exposing to your collective gaze in the near future.

Best wishes,


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