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                           SOCY 101 EXERCISES

             --select certain words (the same ones all of the time)
        that another speaks and "spell" them "out loud" after each
        time the word is spoken by the other.

             --when talking to an adult (or another person your same
        age) select certain words to "spell out loud" that you don't
        want them to know (as if they would not know; similar to
        spelling out a word in front of a child so the child does not
        know what you are referring to) 'class' is a good one!

             --ask a friend for a food item from their plate in the
        cafeteria - do this for one week at either breakfast, dinner
        or supper (one meal only) - when asked "why" just say the
        "you wanted it", say "please" and "thank you".

             --pretend to be asleep in interaction with another
        (this will not work as a disturbance in the classroom!)

             --drop utensils, glasses, napkins, plates, books or
        some other item in a particular interaction every day.
        Record all action in answer to these acts.

             --ask someone for money or other objects on a daily

             --ask people for directions to a place that you are
        standing in front of when you ask the question - watch
        their facial expressions

             --mispronounce word in a conversation and don't every
        correct them or notice that the pronounciation was incorrect

             --drink out of another's glass w/o asking or noticing
        that it was (is) their glass

             --have an article of clothing "out of place" (eg., dress
        tucked into panty hose; pants tucked into socks; shirt
        misbuttoned; a different shoe on each foot)

             --walk around while having a "personal" conversation
        on the telephone (one w/ the cord dangling is always nice)

             --put perfume or some deordorant on "very strongly"
        BUT do not say anything when others react

             --violate "minor" rules of manners like using the
        wrong utensil, say some "foul" word at the table, use
        fingers to eat food that you know requires a utensil, don't
        pass food when requested

             --try to make someone believe that you are
        "loosing your mind"! (clearly an easier task for some
        than for others!)


              McGrane, Bernard. 1994. THE UN-TV AND THE 10MPH CAR:
                       LIFE. The Small Press: Fort Bragg, California.
                       (707) 937-3044 ISBN 10870820-05-6
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        CAUTION: Collect systematic records of action and be prepared
                 to be attacked.

        Regards, Chuck