"trying" to do suicide prevention

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<< When clients are in conflict, doesn't this
suggest two competing reference perceptions? Wouldn't the MOL be
appropriate here?>>>

yes you are right I just did a long post on that -- Mark

There seems to be an assumption being made that when people attempt suicide
they are not in their "right mind". When are we in our right mind? Am I in
my right mind when I am head over heels in love with a new girlfriend, or
when I am deliriously happy because I just won a large sum of money?

your Right again -- Only left handed people are in their right mind.

For me, the issues are: control (that is being able to control perceptions
that are important to me .... not _being_ controlled); and conflict ... I
think we control better when we are not in conflict. If these two issues
are addressed and the client still chooses suicide as an attempt to control
then who am I to say that's wrong???

If they are still suicidal you have not got to the right conflict --- not
trying to be flippant -- but If you have ever really talked to a suicidal
person -- they are not happy.

They will tell you why --

Mark Lazare