Uh oh...digest formatting

[Fred Nickols (990318.1650)]--

My copy of this morning's digest was okay until about halfway through at which
point it became an unformatted string of characters. This happens to me all
the time with the HRNET list and, occasionally, on one other list. This is
first time I've seen it on CSG. A snippet of what I'm seeing is included
below... Are others experiencing similar perceptual signals?

Is it = possible to see the=20 program behind your demoes??


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Basis of Political Disputes [From Tim Carey (99318.0740)] > >Bruce Gregory
(990317.1500 EST) > >> I thought human nature was to be an input control
system. But >> you seem to have something more in mind. I thought that it was
precisely because we were in put control systems that a system of rewards and
punishments was problematic. My understanding of rewards and punishments is
that someone (person

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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 07:48:53 +1000 From: Tim Carey Subject: Re: The Moral