Unfriendly, jeering comments

[From Rick Marken (970509.0900 PDT)]

Bill Powers (970509.0843 MST) to Stefan Balke (970509.1015 CET)--

A mild and good-tempered response to Rick Marken's rather unfriendly
and jeering comments. I'm especially taken by your final paragraph:

I agree completely. I really have to improve my control of "tone of voice"
when I post. When I re-read my post (after it was posted) I could see
that it might sound unfriendly and jeering. I didn't mean it to be --
especially to Stefan, because I like everything he posts. I just used
Stefan's post as a way to get into a discusion of something that has been
on my mind recently -- the difference between PCT and conventional
researchers in terms of what they want to know about behavior.

I am really sorry that my comments on this topic came off as being harsh
towards Stefan. I'm glad that Stefan didn't seem to take them that way.
I will try to confine my unfriendly, jeering comments for those who deserve
them (and I'm sure they know who they are;-))

I'm glad you got your PhD.

Me too!!