Validity of Scientific Expermientation (was The Twelfth Level)

[From Bryan Thalhammer (2005.04.04.1755 CDT)]

Well, assigning a prospective physicality a spiritual role takes it right out of
the possibility of being tested. For a spriritual existence, we cannot design an
experiment. But for perceptions of that spiritual state, well, sure, we can
design experiments to see the physical manifestation of a spiritual state.

Tricky stuff here. You can have a theory, such as String Theory (I am told) or a
theory of a spirit all you want, but testing it is another matter. Someone had
said earlier that scientific experimentation is part of Newtonian physics? Or
part of an older scientific tradition? Here is a question that this prompts: Is
the validity of scientific experimentation likely to be challenged?



[Kenny Kitzke (2005.0404.1400)]

<Bruce Gregory (2005.0404.1400)>

<It seems to me that your "spirit" has a lot in common with Bill's

Well, Bruce, if you understand our two concepts well enough to say this, I
wish you would comment on whether you think you have a human "spirit" or an
"observer" or neither in you?

I have been aware of some similarities but our concepts have not be explored
enough by one another or others to try to define what they have in common and
what they don't. I am trying to take some time to revive my old thoughts on
this and see if there is any consensus on a theory or any ways to test that