Vancouver CSG Conference for '98; Pope Marken's Return

[From Bruce Gregory (960603.1007 EDT)]
David Wolsk (960531.2325 WT)

However, your image of the lonely isolated humble figure, waiting
patiently, is not going to fly in dynamic Vancouver. What I picture is a
contest, a fight to the finish, between yourself, an integrated set of
hierarchical control levels pitted against an AI robot gladiator, programed
and controlled by Marvin Minsky. But, after you defeat the Minsky
Millenial Millipede, there will be one more crucial challenger: a giant
pigeon shaped to peck holes in your control hierarchies. As I am confident
of your second triumphal victory, we can then crown you Theoretical TITAN,
the 1998 winner of the Cowbel Prize for Humanity's Humanness. Now, that's
Vancouver and that's what will finally settle, once and for all, where truth

Irresistible. Sign me up. I wouldn't miss it for anything!

(Rick Marken 960601.0600)

I would like to thank Ed Ford for sending me a copy of William Glasser's
wonderful imitation of a megalomaniac. I would also like to thank Bill Powers
for showing how important it is to have me around on CSGNet -- without me,
even nice guys like Bill P. seem like contentious bastards. I would also
like to thank everyone on CSGNet for keeping things quiet while I was gone
so that I didn't have to wade through a ton of mail upon my return.

At times I thought... Never mind what I thought. REALLY good to have you

Bruce G.