Venting one's pique

[Dan Miller (931118.1430)]

Yesterday, a friend who is in administration here at the University of
Dayton, and I were taking a coffee break with a regular klatch. After
some serious discussion of sports and NAFTA, an irregular member of the
group began to direct some concerns to the administrator. We couldn't
get her to stop the interrogation. The rule of the coffee klatch is that
we can discuss anything, except business and religion. Clearly, she was
breaking this prime rule. The coffee and talk serve as an island of
sanity in an absurd place. The boundary had been breached.

Afterwards, my friend vented his pique. I guess that I was his witness.
His main complaint is that most UD people won't let him have a cup of
coffee in peace. Constantly, he is cast into the role of representative
of all administration whenever he surfaces in public. There he is accused
of vile and stupid acts. He finds himself defending absurd positions that
he has had no role in developing. He does this over and over, ad nauseum.
He has a point.

Today, Mary Powers (931118) vented her pique. She, too, has a point.
The purpose of this post is not to agree (or disagree) with Mary, but
to ask the probably inconsequential question, What are we doing when we
vent our pique (or our rage, or ...)? Venting, I would gather, is a
metaphor relating to letting off steam, depressurizing, or deflating.
In this sense are we bringing ourself back into some balance after
holding something in? I vent, you vent, we all do. What is it?

Dan Miller