Video, Scientists, Lotus

[From Dag Forssell (930815 13.30)]

Progress report on videos from annual conference:

I have now completed two of three videos @ EP speed. I just decided not
to recycle my last super vhs cassette, so I'll wait delivery of a few
more by mail, before I complete third tape in the coming week. The
quality of copies appears quite acceptable to me. Comments on my first
posting from Mary, Tom and Dan have been incorporated as shown.

The set is available for $30 for three tapes plus $5 for postage within
U.S. and $ 8 to Canada. Individual presentations copied directly from the
master @ SP speed are available at special request for $ 10 per tape and
$ 3 postage to U.S. or Canada.

Send check or money order in U.S. funds, payable to Dag Forssell to

             Dag & Christine Forssell
             23903 Via Flamenco
             Valencia, Ca 91355-2808

Phone (805) 254-1195 Fax (805) 254-7956
Internet: 0004742580@MCIMAIL.COM
MCI mail: Forssell, Dag or 474-2580

Content of the first tape:
Introduction: 0:00 - 0:01
Chuck Tucker: Planning of presentations 0:01 - 0:55
Bill Powers: The dispute over Control Theory 0:55 - 2:12
Bob Clark: Comments 2:12 - 2:30
Bill Williams: PCT and the deficit 2:30 - 3:32
Rick Marken: The Control System perspective from inside 3:32 - 4:05
Dag Forssell: Four short presentations 4:05 - 5:16

Content of the second tape:
Introduction: 0:00 - 0:01
Gary Cziko: Post-Cognitive Psychology and
            Educational Leadership 0:01 - 0:56
Ed Ford: How I teach PCT 0:56 - 2:00
Dick Robertson: Perspectives 2:00 - 2:42
Clark McPhail: The dark side of purpose 2:42 - 3:43
Dan Miller: Erving Goffman and Social PCT 3:43 - 5:19
Kent McClelland: Conflictive Cooperation 5:19 - 5:57

Content of the third tape: (will be)
Introduction: 0:00 - 0:01
David Schweingruber: Collective locomotion with CROWD
Tom Bourbon: Person-Model Interactions: Interference,
         Control of Another, Countercontrol & Conflict.
Michelle Duggins-Schwartz: When is helping helping?
Martin Taylor: An interpretation of language and learning
Wayne Hershberger: Request for PCT ideas
Banquet, Business Meeting
Bob Clark: Demonstrations (before departure) 41 minutes


Rick Marken (930812.1900)

....I think it shows that these scentists want to perceive behavior in
a particular way -- a way that happens to be incompatible with the basic
tenets of PCT....

....I think it is very unfair to say that these scientists do not want
to understand behavior. I think they are simply controlling for things
(like the idea that stimuli or perceptions guide behavior or the idea
that consequences select responses, etc) that are incompatible with
understanding what is happening in front of their eyes.

...I think it is true that people (like Tom and I) who have gotten into
PCT on their own have done so as a result of reorganization aimed at
solving some persistent "problem" (in my case, it was the problem of
understanding what's going on when people "control" human behavior).

Thank you for your thoughtful post. I shall revise some of my
perspectives. Think you are right about the first point above. The same
point extrapolated to other areas of conviction serves to illustrate non-
resolvable arguments about all kinds of things. I appreciate your
recognition that you had an application (to yourself) for PCT which
motivated you to study PCT in the first place. That resolves our dispute
about applications.
I attended an IBM PC users group in Pasadena, CA on August 10.
Lotus presented software. As a result I have two envelopes with the
offer for users group members to purchase Freelance Graphics for Windows
release 2 and one envelope for Lotus 123 for Windows release 4 for
the price of $49 + $5 Shipping + State sales tax. Offer expires August 31.
I get the impression you can order by phone. If interested, give me a call.

Best, Dag