[From Dag Forssell (930823 1510)]

Response to Gary's direct message: Aug 23, 1993 4:15 am PST

While the cameraman appears to have dozed off one or twice during my
presentation (which is quite understandable), I am very impressed by
the quality of the video and sound.

It was not your fault, Gary. For the first several presentations,
Christine and I were limited to peeking in the viewfinder of the camera,
which was arduous and therefore not exactly continuous. Later, Bill
pointed out that a TV set was sitting in the computer room. We hooked it
up as a monitor, and the later presentations were photagraphed with much
better, continuous tracking of the moving targets.

I trust you understand that the quality of perceptual feedback makes a
big difference to the performance of a control system, such as a
photographer. If you don't, but you would like to understand, (Rick -
note that I am asking if Gary has a problem before I deliver a good
disturbance with his permission) let me know and I am sure I or someone
on this net can explain it to you.

Best, Dag