Violence, disturbances, moving targets

[From Rick Marken (930820.1000 PDT)]

Bill Powers (930819.1900 MDT) --

I do think that the problem [conflict-based violence] can be
resolved, eventually, through teaching people how they work, so
they will understand what violence is, and why it would be better
for them to avoid it practically all the time (I wouldn't want to
forbid anyone to play football). I don't expect this resolution
to come soon, as it entails such things as convincing economic
planners and high-school coaches that competition is a slow
form of suicide.

Just for the record, this here law'n'order freak fully endorses
the above statement.

Tom Bourbon (930820.0845)--

If anyone thinks a disturbance is always something bad, Martin's post was a
disturbance to my perceptions of what I see posted on csg-l concerning both
the nature of control and the idea that Bill, Gary and Rick are trying to
push PCT in different directions.

NB. Dag Forssell. Tom believes in the "good disturbance" too. Martin's
post was a "good disturbance" because (as Tom noted) it made his
(and my) " perception match [our] reference and there [was] no need for
further action by [us]".

Oded Maler (930820) --

I enclose a part of a posting from - it might be an interesting

{Posting about meeting]

Organizing Committee: Emilio Bizzi, MIT ...

With Bizzi on the organizing committee I think the meeting will be
more like a moving target than an interesting one.