Virtual PCT Library

[from Gary Cziko 950728.2130 GMT]

Bill Powers (950728.0825 MDT) said:

We don't have a library of books
and papers that others can just look up;

After the Durango meeting, Bill should have known that this is not quite
true. We already have lots of article and extracts from CSGnet on the CSG
Web site ( and hopefully a lot more to come.
The entire PCT chapter of my forthcoming book _Without Miracles_ (chapter
8) is also available on the Web

Perry Good of New View has agreed that any of the CSG works he is now
publishing can be put on the CSG Web site if the author agrees. Perry
believes (and I agree) that such electronic publishing could only help to
help sales of hardcopy versions of books.

So I am offering to all those who have published PCT-related writings
(books, book chapters, articles) to put their work on the Web. If the work
already exists in computer form, converting the files and graphics to HTML
(hypertext markup language) format for Web publication is a relatively easy
process. Authors would be responsible for getting clearance from the
copyright holder if this is other than the author. While I could provide
some guidance in converting documents to HTML, I would expect the authors
to be primarily responsible for this. Since so many institutions are now
on the Web, your own institution could probably provide you with know-how
to make the conversion. If this fails, one could probably get any
computer-savy high school or college student to do the conversion for a
reasonable fee.

Rick Marken has already told me he would like to have his _Mind Readings_
book on the Web and Tom Bourbon wants to get "Models and Their Worlds" on
the Web as well. I would eventually I like to try to get all of the Closed
Loop issues on the Web, too.

So I hope that many of those individuals who have already made important
contributions to PCT will take advantage of this important opportunity to
create a Virtual PCT Library accessible to millions of computer users
around the world.--Gary