virus anyone?

[From Dick Robertson] (950128.2015CST)
I just got my machine back from the shop after upgrading my hard
drive and they had found a virus on my old disk. Something had
killed the printer on my wordperfect 5.1 a few days ago, and after it
was fixed, something killed it again. The only input into my machine
in the last year has been a CD Rom I got for Christmas (seems
improbable it was that ) and my csg-l posts. Do these things crop
up on internet? I just thought I would mention it in case anyone
else has had any trouble lately. Best, Dick R.

<[Bill Leach 950209.19:32 EST(EDT)]

[Dick Robertson] (950128.2015CST)

Dick, sorry about such a late response but I have been "out of contact"
with the internet for over three weeks...

CDROM have been known to have "virus" contamination. It is "reasonably"
rare but it definately is not a unheard of phenomenon.

As far as internet sources for virus programs...

Absolutely impossible from straight text such as e-mail. UUENCODED,
archived (lha, lhz, arc, zip and the like) programs -- yes. These can
easily be "contaminated".