Voltaire Quote

Correct, you read my mind...
I also would like to refer to two books which inspired me reg. the question
tackled here:
1. by Th�o Klein, "Lib�rez la Torah: Mo�se, l'homme et la loi: Une
relecture". Paris: Calmann-L�vy, 2001.
2. by Bernard Henry-L�vy, "la Puret� Dangereuse". Paris: Grasset, 1994.

Thank you for answering my other question. I must have missed my own
previous comment (Voltaire) on the email. Obviously you did not and you were
kind enough to follow thru.


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From Paule A. Steichen Asch:

>Interesting...I had sent a quotation of Voltaire...never saw it on the


>Paule A. Steichen. Asch, Ph.D.

Not sure what you're driving at. I saw your earlier posting:

>A French intellectual (Voltaire or one of is colleagues) said that we are
>free by our laws, in bondage to our roots or belief systems.
>modestly yours

I am assuming you were asserting that at least some reference signals are
established during the process of growing up and the environs in which we
are raised (as well as certain genetics, I suppose) and that still other
reference signals are put in place as the result of our coming to believe
certain things.

Do I have that correct?

What do you mean by "never saw it on the web"?


Fred Nickols