VS: Link between PCT and religion?

Fred, I see no reason why you should not make comments here!


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As is too often the case, I probably should not make comments in this forum, as I am not a scientist, but an artist (to use a label) who is very interested in science, philosophy and history (in which religion plays such an important part).
My comment was somewhat self-reflective. While I wish I could know some things for certain, I recognize that I just don’t. That was all I meant. Perhaps quite simplistic, nevertheless, as far as I’ve gotten so far in my own journey through life.

On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 7:24 AM, Eetu Pikkarainen eetu.pikkarainen@oulu.fi wrote:

Fred, surprising comment! I would have put it another way round :wink:

Nicolas, Nice metaphor.

I could think it also differently: Input is the father (his is the first). Reference is
the holy spirit, because it descents from above. Output is the son who comes to the world to release us.

This model however is not so nicely dialectical as yours! (Theses, antitheses, syntheses…)


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I’m not sure that an atheist can aspire to being a scientist.

On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 5:15 PM, Nicolas M Kirchberger nickm@serpentsvolants.com wrote:

Don’t know about the value of this but I was thinking about the control loop diagram from Sun Tzu as explained by Gary Gagliardi in his book “golden key to strategy” (quite related to PCT actually :slight_smile: ). Then I was interrupted by someone talking to me about
religious bullshit and then I made the following link:

Input is the son,
Reference is the father,
And output is the Holy Spirit

That would kind of make sense of the trinity, which have baffled theologians for centuries since it was totally illogical, until now… or so it seem…

Not that I’m interested in religion or know much about it since I’m an atheist but at the very least this could be useful… :slight_smile:

Nicolas M Kirchberger