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Is PCI too long?


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Well, dang. I still think we can us it as PI vs AI. There are often different definitions for the same word. I see it as the operating software that will run perceptual robots.

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Yes, usually they do not take into account that our perceptions or senses are just tools which have developed by evolutionary reorganization
to help our self-preservation i.e. control of intrinsic values.

Perceptions, senses and knowledge are considered as somewhat disconnected from our living and action – and, ok, behavior.

They think we just process our perceptions like computers.


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P.S. None of that perceptual intelligence “stuff� is to my liking. It deals with the notion that all we know of the world out there is by way of our perceptions,
and that’s okay, but then it goes on to lay out how we process those perceptions and it gets a little freaky at that point.


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Well, I guess I won’t be exploiting the term “perceptual intelligence� after all. I Googled it and turns out there’s a ton of stuff already out there.


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