Waiting for the right funerals, sui generic

[From Rick Marken (980406.0800)]

Bill Powers (980406.0300 MST)

I have had an increasingly uncomfortable feeling that once a
person has become caught up in some other school of thought for
a sufficient length of time, it becomes essentially impossible to
abandon it and learn PCT.

I think you've known this since we met. In one of your sermoms
on Mt. Northbrook you said unto me "it is easier for a camel to
get through the eye of a needdle than for a person who has become
caught up in some other school of thought to get into PCT heaven".
This is what I was trying to say when I said:

People who come to PCT thinking that it supports, justifies or
explains one or another non-PCT idea are bound to come into
conflict with some aspect of PCT eventually.

But, as usual, you state the problem far more clearly:

The best that can be done [by a person has become caught up in
some other school of thought] is to seek a kind of compromise,
in which PCT can be understood only in relation to ideas that
haven't come up in the other system of thinking, and so don't
conflict with anything that has already been accepted. Where
PCT conflicts with what is already believed, PCT loses. Either
its implications are flatly rejected, or they're manipulated
until they seem to agree with the older views and explanations.

Precisely. It's very easy to see this happening in our discussions
with people on the net. It would be fun to watch (since it is such
a clear example of controlling a "high level" perception) if it
weren't so depressing;-)

If anybody can think of a way to deal with this problem, I'm all
ears. But to cite the original thought behind my post of a couple
of days ago, it seems that progress in PCT may be a matter of
waiting for the right funerals.

I think that's about all we can do. Though I think most of our
own waiting will be done post mortem. There are a lot of funerals
that have to happen, many of them for people who haven't even
been born yet;-)


In order to be able see clearly through PCT glasses you first
have to throw away all your other glasses. PCT glasses only work
when they are used "sui generis".

Bruce Gregory (980406.0522 EDT) --

I believe! I believe! I aaaammmm saved! Get thee behind me Satan.
I have seen the light.

Well, you will know that this is true when you stop defending
burnt offerings that offend the gods of PCT;-)




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