War again?

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Why do I find myself writing this stuff when I should be sleeping? My
best friend died this morning (not unexpected that he would die soon but
quite unexpected that it would have been this soon).

The correct way to approach what Bill and Bruce are doing is to do
precisely what Bill and Bruce are doing.

The operant experiments must be examined carefully... both the data and
the conclusions drawn from the data. Scrutinize all for the unrecognized
assumptions (beyond the obvious stimulus results (somehow) in response
underlying the whole field).

It is quite obvious that telling and then "showing" the "opposition" that
living systems are control systems, explaining what a control system is
to people that haven't a clue (thanks mostly to missinformation), and
then proving that only a (pure) control systems analysis such as PCT is
useful for analyzing such systems (with the explicit statement that any
other approach is wrong and will produce missleading results at best)
will fail as it has in the past.

Going through the painstaking agony of carefully analyzing the work of
the competition AS THEY UNDERSTAND such work and then producing
experiments "in their own fashion" that provide meaningful, consistent
results not requiring "hand waving" or other "magic" might prove more
useful. If nothing else WE become better able to communicate with the
few (?) that are dissatisfied with their own field.