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[From Rick Marken (2003.03.17.0810)]

> Marc Abrams (2003.03.17.1402)--
> Things are looking pretty bleak. From what I understand, Bush is going


> TV tonight and giving Saddam & his cohorts 72 hours to vacate.
> I don't believe he will, and unfortunately, Men are going to lose their
> lives in trying to bring this man to justice.
> If by some miracle Saddam vacates and proves Bjorn right I will rejoice


> the outcome. If not, there will be no joy in having to go to war.

But do we really "have to" go to war? PCT shows that we only "have to" act


bring controlled perceptions to reference states and protect those

variables from

disturbance. So it is really the existence of our own goals (references)


ultimately requires that we act in certain ways. If we didn't have the

goal of

keeping the cursor on target in attacking task we wouldn't act by move the


in exact opposition to the disturbance wave form. If we didn't have the

goal of

seeing Saddam gone by the end of March we would not "have to" go to war.

If Bush

didn't have the goal of remaining in office we would not "have to" go to


because he (like Saddam) could vacate in 48 hrs.

People impose conflicts like this on themselves by adopting goals that

make these

conflicts seem "inevitable" from their point of view. Bush and Co. are


examples of people who are looking at behavior through causal rather than


theory glasses. It appears to them that their actions are caused

(required) by

events outside themselves (Saddam, terrorists). I'm not sure that even my


reading" demo could convince them otherwise. The illusion of external

causation is

a _very_ compelling illusion, as we all know.

Now that the conflict is inevitable from the perspective of at least one

party to

it, I do hope that it is over quickly, with few casualties and that the


people are able to put a stable government in place that will be less


than is the present one.

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