Was it something I said?

[From Rick Marken (950331.0800)]

I posted something to UseNet yesterday and it still has not been distributed
to CSG-L. If this is the characteristic speed with which posts move from
UseNet to CSG-L then it would clearly be difficult for someone monitoring
CSG-L only through bit.sci.purposive-behavior to have a convensation with
someone on CSG-L with no access to UseNet. I have also noticed that posts
to CSG-L arrive at bit.sci.purposive-behavior in a very random manner;
some posts arrive there immediately, others (from the same poster) arrive a
week or more late. These are not optimal conditions for conversation, even
for control systems that are designed to deal with such disturbances and
produce intended results (like posted messages and responses). Indeed, in the
last two days, convensation seems to have come to a grinding halt. Is this a
result of net problems or was it something I said?

Anyway, I am working on a model of the "logical control" behavior seen in the
"stimulus control" demo. I currently have a simple "two level" model
implemented; it is really just a one level (tracking model) whose reference
is changed (from one target position to another) when the discriminative
stimulus changes; so the "second level" systems (that changes the lower level
system reference) is not really a control system yet. Nevertheless, the model
behaves very much like the subject in the "stimulus control" demo; there is
"stimulus control" when there is no disturbance to the responses that
maintain the logical variable and no "stimulus control" when disturbances are
added. Now I have to figure out how to build a "logic control system" that
can adjust the reference to the cursor control systems properly.