Waste not, want not

From Tom Bourbon [950105.1548]

[From Bruce Abbott (950105.1140 EST)]

+Tom Bourbon [950105.0851]

+>Bruce Abbott (950104.2050 EST)
+>>Tom Bourbon [950104.1330]
+Bruce had said:
+>>> Rick: please tell me how you plan to study the properties of human
+>>> memory using the Test. Your results should allow you to explain, for
+>>> example, how it is that you are able to recognize a familiar face.
+>>Cows say quack, quack.
+>I'm afraid I missed the significance of your reply...please clarify?
+Dogs say "meow."
+>>The figure at the end of the second line back was a (:frowning:
+>No it wasn't.
+Are you sure, now that the original second line back has been deleted?
+I'll reply to the remainder of your post a little later.

It it's anything like this, don't bother. (:-<

Sorry, I already did and part of it is "like this."

A waste of time? Lighten up. Haven't you a clue what I am doing?

You asked Rick how one might use The Test to study human memory. I'm only
trying to encourage you, through a little direct experience on your part, to
think about that topic a little differently than the way(s) you seem to have
done up to now. If that's a waste of time, so be it, but I'm not sure that
is the case. At least I hope it isn't.